Design and Build Tooling

Tooling Dies

FT has the experience working with all types of die designs and construction. We can develop one that works best for your needs, balancing quality, cost and production method in the production of your parts. Whether you supply the CAD data of a future part or the physical part for laser scanning/re-engineering, we can create dies for you.

Prototyping Dies

Zinc-Alloy tools are the most commonly used in stamping prototype parts. These dies have a limited life of fewer than 500 stampings before they need to be recast. Whether your need is for a niche, prove-out, or preproduction part, the Prototyping Die is a cost effective solution for many customers. Generally the volumes for a prototype program are for 1 to 300 pieces.

We can manufacture parts and assemblies in volumes of 20,000 units or less per year.

Hybrid Dies

Zinc-Alloy and steel plug tools are created to extend the life of a die at a cost that is substantially lower than full-production dies. Our engineers can design a hybrid set of tools that utilizes the hardness of steel in areas of a die that require extra strength with the versatility and cost of zinc-alloy to create a low volume die specific to your needs.

Full-production Dies

We can produce the tools, dies, and check fixtures needed to successfully run your final products. We can take your project though every stage from prototyping to low volume full-production in-house. We can also pass off the project at any stage to your final supplier. Whether your needs are prove out process, tooling specifications, or final full-production dies, FT can support you.



Capable of pouring 35,000 lbs. per day.

1 - 19,000 lb.
1 - 8,000 lb.


N/C Machining

Foam Patterns
Zinc Alloy Castings
Mild Steel Tooling
Check Fixtures


2-D Laser Cutting

Cutting flat sheet steel and aluminum into intricate shapes, eliminating the cost of creating blanking dies for low volume production.

Laser Welded Blanks

We create hybrid sheets of steel by laser welding different pieces of steel together. The sheets are then stamped into components that require different strength tolerances across the part. This process saves on tooling and welding fixtures required if the different steels are combined after stamping has occurred.

5-Axis Laser Cutting

Forming Tech’s NTC 5-axis lasers can cut three-dimensional parts at any step of the production process. Because of the high cost of trim dies we can accomplish the task efficiently and do all of the trimming and cut any interior holes needed in the final component.

Rapid Changes

By developing custom fixtures in-house we can cut three-dimensional parts at any step of the production process. Whether adding a new air hole to a plastic lower valance for an existing program part or modifying the placement of a hole on a hitch bracket, we have the capability and capacity to complete your program changes.

Precision Hemming

Robotic Hemming

Our precision high-quality robotic hemming meets your tight tolerance requirements. Robotic multi-head rollers automatically change out depending on the amount of angle and corner required. Projects move in and out in a timely fashion thanks to our custom fixture beds.

Hand Hemming

Forming Tech also has a staff of artisans to finesse and provide hand hemming all complicated components for prototype applications.


Manual/Robotic Welding

A majority of our welding consists of manual operations with various weld guns (spot welding/mig welding) using both AC and DC welders. In addition there are robotic weld cells capable of spot/mig welding which are dedicated to special projects.