Project Management

Point of contact/Program Manager accessibility.


Using the latest industry standard software, FT will service any format you currently work in. Our seasoned engineers design the dies to match your original work. Whether you supply the CAD data of a future product or the physical part for laser scanning/re-engineering, we can create dies for you.

Draw Die Simulation

Computer assisted draw die simulations are done in-house before beginning any tooling. This process identifies any potential issues with the parts design or product material that may occur during stamping. We pride ourselves on being two steps ahead of any problem, giving us the ability to deliver your finished parts on time and on budget every time.

Upon completion of tool design, the software will simulate the forming process and show any potential thinning and splitting of material as it is formed. This process is used per request from our customers or on difficult parts and materials that we feel may have forming issues.

"Accommodating time critical projects with an average completion in a six week window."

Materials Knowledge

Our long history of stamping all types of metals, gives us an advantage over the competition.

Working with Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum has provided an in-depth materials knowledge that allows our skilled shop to design your tools and dies to compensate for production spring back and additional effects caused by material modification.

TS Certification

We utilize two CMM machines to assure the quality of each part. We are ISO/TS 16949 Certified and have a full-time Quality Manager onsite. Laser scanning services are also available.

Prove Out Production Process

Let us save you the steep re-tooling cost associated with untested production processes for a new vehicle launch. FT can offer design, development and testing expertise that will prove out your production process with prototype or hybrid dies. Our staff of engineers and craftsmen will deliver results within a fraction of the time and cost associated with testing your process on final production dies.

Whether developing a new component or changing an existing one from steel to aluminum FT can assist you in proving out your production process.