Prototype & Low Volume Production Stamping

Small Progressive Stamping

For small complex parts we use progressive dies. Progressive stamping can encompass punching, coining, bending and other methods of modifying raw metal. Parts are moved by hand through the progressive die process in order to maximize the quality review of each piece as it is stamped. Small parts can be manufactured by “Press Brake” or multiple station dies.

Large Stamping

Forming Technologies is proud of our ability to handle large jobs that make other suppliers back away. With attention to detail and a high-level of expertise we can make even very large parts to your exacting specifications. Whether the part is produced low volume or as a prototype our methods and quality are the same for every component. Our pressmen have undergone years of apprenticeship and training to develop their craft. We can stamp parts up to 60" x 100".

"Producing components that meet exacting specifications under the most demanding standards."

Press Blanking


Stamp roll/sheet metal into part blanks.

Precision Hemming

Robotic Hemming

Our precision high-quality robotic hemming meets your tight tolerance requirements. Robotic multi-head rollers automatically change out depending on the amount of angle and corner required. Projects move in and out in a timely fashion thanks to our custom fixture beds.

Hand Hemming

Forming Tech also has a staff of artisans to finesse and provide hand hemming all complicated components for prototype applications.


Our long history of stamping all types of metals, gives us an advantage over the competition.

Working with Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum has provided an in-depth materials knowledge that allows our skilled shop to design your tools and dies to compensate for production spring back and additional effects caused by material modification.

We can also stamp laser weld panels.


BIW (Body In White) Assemblies

We have the experience and resources to spot and mig weld multiple components together in order to provide complex vehicle sub-assemblies. Upon completion assemblies are certified to meet customer requirements.

Program Assembly

Need copy for program assembly.


Tooling Dies

FT has the experience working with all types of die designs and construction. We can develop one that works best for your needs, balancing quality, cost and production method in the production of your parts. Whether you supply the CAD data of a future part or the physical part for laser scanning/re-engineering, we can create dies for you.

Check Fixtures

Check fixtures are built to verify the manufactured component is being constructed to part geometry. A prototype check fixture is typically built utilizing a fixture plank mounted to an aluminum base. The part is located and clamped per the customer supplied G D & T. Checking fixture for a low-volume production part can be constructed utilizing alternate materials and include locations that take variable measurements with digital indicators.